Developer Survey Results from Stackoverflow 2018

In the year 2018 and month of January almost ~100,000 developers participated in yearly survey done by stackoverflow. This survey included questions from different technical perspectives like how the developers are learning new technologies, what they are doing to build … Continue Reading

Problem Of Binary Gap

The Binary Gap is the number of Consecutive zeros in the binary representation of a decimal number surrounded by 1’s at both ends. The Problem of Binary Gap corresponds to finding the longest Binary Gap in a given Decimal number. … Continue Reading

USB 3.2 Omniceps

USB 3.2 specification, transfer rates, features and speed

USB-C Type has been considered as a universal standard, which will do all the tasks from charging Phone, Laptop, Tablets, Bluetooth speakers using only one port. USB 3.2 is here. But the future is not the same, with the change … Continue Reading

Laravel Horizon Introduction Omniceps

Laravel Horizon Introduction | How to Use | Features and Dashboard

What is Laravel Horizon: Laravel Horizon is a laravel tool/software to control and monitor your queues with a good dashboard and code-driven configuration. It is designed to monitor queues from a web dashboard and set notifications and alerts when things … Continue Reading

How To Point your new domain to Amazon AWS EC2 instance using Route53

Redirect Godaddy Domain to Amazon EC2 using Route53

In this post we are going to learn today how you can Redirect Godaddy Domain to Amazon EC2 using Route53. So lets get started. 1. Login to your AWS console by providing your login credentials. 2. On the dashboard click services … Continue Reading

best crm tool for startup or small business

Best CRM Tool for Startup or Small Business | How to Choose

Every Business is hunting for different ways to improve their efficiencies and helps their employee to focus on their tasks by reducing time consumed in manual administration work. When it comes to a business it becomes really important to select … Continue Reading

Suitecrm vs Salesforce Omniceps

How to Choose between Salesforce and SuiteCRM ! Which is Better ?

On the off chance that we think about a business, our hesitation is dependably the clients as clients are the life savers of any business and your association with your client will decide the achievement of your business. To have … Continue Reading

crm should play a major role

Why CRM Should Play A Major Role In Your Business

Today every organization needs to switch towards CRM or Customer Relationship Management.They are contributing huge add up to enhance their relations with their clients and quickens their development by being aggressive in display developing business sector. CRM has turned into … Continue Reading

How To Create Additional Case Fields in Suitecrm Advanced Open Portal

Hey folks ! This post will explain how you can easily add more case module fields to advanced open portal while creating a new case. We are not going to discuss here how to connect the AOP to suitecrm and … Continue Reading