best crm tool for startup or small business

Every Business is hunting for different ways to improve their efficiencies and helps their employee to focus on their tasks by reducing time consumed in manual administration work. When it comes to a business it becomes really important to select Best CRM Tool for Startup or Small Business, as we know customers are major part of their success. If the customer is satisfies ,it means company is working on the right path towards their success. So today we are going to look into how to choose Best CRM Tool for Startup or Small Business.

CRM or Customer Relationship Management system is the first choice of many business, as it helps to maintain a good connect with the customer by storing their data at one place. In spite of good customer relationship some of the business see the down fall. To overcome from such scenarios, one can make use of technologies by automating all the major process of the company like marketing, sales, customer support etc.

Choosing a right CRM for your business plays an important role ,if the decision is not taken as per the requirement of the business ,then it becomes another useless software like many others. Some of the factors which are important while selecting a CRM Tool for Startup or Small Business are discussed here:

1. Make sure The CRM is customizable and serving your goals:

First step is to identify what all issues are to be solved in present for your business. CRM are not made for particular business ,they are made with a wide mindset which can serve process of various business.It should be flexible to handle different process because your business will grow with time ,it may happen the CRM will not fulfill all your requirement in future ,so you will need customization to keep pace with your growth.

2. Easy implementation and Adoption:

Whenever we switch to a new environment ,it requires some kind of implementation. For that ,some external staff will be required to give proper training to your team for deploying all their data to the new platform,even if no external implementation cost is involved but internal should be kept in mind. The CRM selection should also involve team members ,as finally they will be dealing with the system. They can help you to make right choice according to the team requirements .Which at the end will not shock the team members and they will adapt to the new system easily.

3. Check the Mobility and Compatibilty of the system:

In todays time when mobile technologies have become very advanced ,the system you choose should also be Mobile,so that team can work and access data from any place and work is not kept on hold after they leave their workplace and customer connect is maintain. Checking the compatible with already running applications is also very important. Although all the applications are connected through APIs today, still this should be the first practice.

4. Try to settle for a CRM which is SaaS based:

CRM which is SaaS (Software as a service)based , which help you upgrade in coming time if your requirements increases. Cloud-based service providers use a subscription-based business model,which you can upgrade even to the advanced CRM solution. All the maintainance and upgrades are also not your headache, they are handles by third party providers.

5. Ask for a Demo before settling for any system:

Don’t make the deal before testing all the functionalities of the system.Involve your team force to use the trial copy of the software, so that they can check weather the system is able to serve all their requirements.

This will help you make a correct choice of CRM for your company. How to choose between Salesforce and Suitecrm.