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This Post discusses about the best programming languages for beginners in 2017, which language can a beginner pick in 2017 so that learning programming becomes a fun activity. So lets get started to learn programming.

Best Programming Languages For Beginners in 2017 | Learn Programming in 2017

In this post we are going to see some statistics about top ranked and voted programming languages by users on some of the highly used public platforms which will give us an idea about the most popular programming languages to learn in 2017. We will also discuss some of the programming languages with highest job probabilities in the coming time as of 2017. Beginners will love this write up as it will give them an idea about in which direction they should move forward to enjoy a bright future in the world of programming.

First of all lets see some statistics for the last year by some of the biggest tech platforms.

Survey Done on Stack Overflow in 2016 by Developers:

According to more than ~56k developers based out in 175 different countries provided below is a list of technologies which they prefer the most:

Most preferred best programming languages by developers in 2017 for beginners to learn programming omniceps

Developers were also asked about their favorite programming language and below are the results for this survey:

Most favorite programming languages of developers 2017 omniceps

Also Developers voted about the language they have great respect for and as per them these languages are very close to being a perfect solution. This list also includes some platforms used by teams to develop their applications:

Most anticipated and respected programming languages by developer 2017 omniceps

Developers also rated the highest anticipated programming languages they would love to learn in the coming time. This is perhaps more useful for our readers as these are the languages developers want to learn programming:

Coolest languages to learn for beginners 2017 omniceps

Top Technologies Discussed as per Stack Overflow:

Stack overflow generated below data according to the most questions asked, most answers provided and most votes gained by discussions on these technologies. This also gives an idea about best programming languages for developers to learn so as to have a higher hand in the upcoming time:

Most discussed technologies in 2017 Omniceps

Official Stack Overflow website -> Click Here.

Popularity of Programming Languages Index Released from Google Trends

This PYPL index is created from the most searched tutorials on google for particular technologies or languages by users. Provided below is the stats for PYPL done in beginning of 2017 for the year 2016. This index is also a proof that Java and JavaScript are currently ruling the list of best programming languages for beginners in 2017. Also, it validates that which language is currently on top when it comes for beginners to learn programming.

PYPL index 2017 omniceps

TIOBE Index 2017, August

According to TIOBE index generated in August 2017, below are the languages coming in the top results of popular search engines, which means that most beginners want to learn programming from these languages:

TIOBE index august 2017 omniceps

Official TIOBE index site. Click Here.

Introduction of the top contenders:

We will try to throw some light now on the top programming languages for beginners in 2017. New developers can start to learn programming with these languages in 2017.


JavaScript should not be confused with JAVA, JavaScript is primarily a client-side languages while Java is a server side/hardware side programming language. JavaScript is mainly used for front-end scripting. Its compatible with all the browsers out there in the market.

Since the launch of Node.js platform JavaScript can now also be used as a server-side programming language. Due to this there is a huge inclination of developers seen for JavaScript. Which is also self-explainable as now you will need only 1 developer who knows JavaScript and can work on both front-end and back-end. This also gives definition to a perfect full stack developer.

JavaScript is currently the top ranked best programming languages for beginners to learn on all stats.


Ruby was developed being a dynamic language and also so that developers can have fun while being highly productive at the same time. The Ruby on Rails Framework made Ruby language very famous and developers started to enjoy the ease of learning and developing in Ruby.

Popular websites like AirBnb, Shopify, Bloomberg, Hulu, SlideShare, etc. are completed written in Ruby language and they are still very much relying on the powerful Ruby on Rails Framework.


Python is one of the most anticipated language for developer and beginners to learn. It is also one of the highest popular introductory language at various universities in U.S. and these are some of the top universities we are talking about.

Python is widely used in a variety of applications like desktop based apps, web-apps, and other solutions for data mining.

A lot of companies including Google, Dropbox, Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit, BitTorrent, Civilization IV, and more, are still using Python happily.


PHP is becoming more popular day by day because of its ease of learning. Read about best PHP programming books for a software developer. Click Here. It is a server-side dynamic scripting language and Facebook is still running many of its components in PHP. Other websites which were developed in PHP are Wikipedia, Yahoo!, Tumblr, WordPress, and more.

PHP is considered as one of the best programming languages for beginners to learn programming due to its ease of learning and understanding. Also you can setup your first project in PHP quickly and easily.


Java is a statically typed language and hence it is considered to be more stable, maintainable and scalable. Java is basically a lot more strict in catching errors as it will find out all programming based errors in the compilation phase. It is said that almost 450 (out of 500) Fortune 500 companies are using Java as their server-side programming language. But this is also majorly because Java has a very old history when compared to other programming languages.

Hadoop which is a big data processing tool, is also created in Java framework and is currently used by some of the giants like Yahoo, Facebook, Amazon etc.

C and C++:

C can be considered to be a father of nearly all programming languages, its successor C++ which is C with an Object Oriented Programming approach is even more popular and successful than C.

It is generally said that if someone understands and can create apps in C/C++ it would be very easy for that person to shift on some of the other programming languages. Basically C/C++ creates a foundation for a future web developer as they focus on all fundamentals of the programming world. So we can say that when it comes to learn programming beginners should start with C and C++ if they want their core concepts stronger. Later on when they have good command on C and C++ they can move on to other languages to learn programming further.

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JOB Opportunities for Various Programming Languages:

Lastly you will be interested in knowing that which programming platforms/languages attracts highest jobs in the software world. Based on data from analysis 2016 and 2 quarters of 2017 provided below is a highlight of salaries of developers in U.S on an average:

salary range according to programming languages for developers in 2017 omniceps

Its conclusive to say that if a newbie has to learn web development than JavaScript, HTML, jQuery, CSS are some of the must technologies. The choice of back-end development tool depends on the project requirements and environment of deployment.

So these were some of the best programming languages for beginners in 2017. Do let us know what you think about this write up and if we were able to help you at a certain point.

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