In the year 2018 and month of January almost ~100,000 developers participated in yearly survey done by stackoverflow. This survey included questions from different technical perspectives like how the developers are learning new technologies, what they are doing to build new careers or grow in their existing careers. Also it included what are the most preferred tools by the developers and what they are looking in their jobs.

A few key outcomes of this survey are listed below. Later we will see results from different segments of the survey.

  1. The developers are very much supporting Artificial Intelligence and they are welcoming it with open arms. Although the dangers caused by AI is still a topic of huge debate.
  2. Python is rising in ranks continuously in programming languages. Last year Python surpassed PHP in popularity and this year it surpassed C#.
  3. Some of the most important trends in software industry are Devops and Machine Learning. Languages, Frameworks, tools, to work with Devops and Machine learning are on a rise. Also, it has to be noted that people working in these technologies are getting some of the highest paid jobs.


Profiles of Developers that are building the future

Monthly around ~50,000,000 people visit stack overflow website. Out of these almost 21,000,000 developers are professionals.

Geography of Developers who responded the survey:

survey respondants to stack overflow omniceps

Stack Overflow Visitors Geography:

stack overflow visitors geography

Professional Developers by Geography:

professional developers by geography stack overflow omniceps

Roles of developers who are visiting Stack Overflow:

developer roles on stack overflow omniceps

Professional Developers contributing to Open Source:

~50% of the professional developers contribute to the open source community.
professional developer contributing to open source technologies omniceps stack overflow

Developers coding as Hobby:

A lot of developers code outside of their normal jobs. We found out that this number of almost ~80% of the total developers out there.

developers coding as a hobby omniceps

Experience of Developers that are building the future

From how many years developers are learning to code:

experience of developers stack overflow omniceps

Professional Experience of developers by developer type:

year of coding experience by developer type omniceps

Education of Developers that are building the future

How many students are developing:

how many developers are students omniceps

Educational qualification of developers:

educational qualification of developers omniceps

How developers are learning to code:

how developers are learning to code omniceps

Demographics of Developers that are building the future

Race/Ethnicity of developers:

race ethnicity of developers on stack overflow omniceps

Education Level of Parents of the developers:

education level of parent of developers omniceps

Developer roles and Genders:

Developer roles and gender omniceps

Popularity of Technologies

As seen below Javascript is nominated as the most popular technology for a sixth time in row. Also, as discussed previously Python is rising in ranks continuously.

Popularity of Programming Languages:

popularity of programming languages omniceps

Most used Frameworks/Libraries and Tools:

Due to the popularity of Javascript AngularJS and NodeJS continues to be at the top of this list.

most used frameworks and tools omniceps

Most used Databases:

Similar to the last year MySQL and SQL server are most used Databases.

most used databased by developers omniceps

Most Popular Development Environments

most popular development environments by developers omniceps

How Many monitors are used by developers

How many monitors are used by developers omniceps

Top Paying Technologies of 2017

Globally developers working with F#, Ocaml, Groovy or Clojure are reported to receive the highest compensations. Their average salaries going somewhere around USD 70,000. Developers working with Scala and Erlang are among the highest paid developers in the United States.

top paying technologies around the world omniceps

How Technologies are correlated to each other

In the below diagram we see that web development constitutes to a major portion of software development. And this is correlated to SQL or other Microsoft services.

correlation of various technologies omniceps

Employment Status of Developers around the Globe

Over 90% of the developers are employed right now including part time developers.

employment status of developers omniceps

Industry type of the developers

company type of developers omniceps

Salaries of Developers Globally

Salaries of software developers around the world omniceps

  • This Survey was taken between 8 to 28 January.
  • On an average respondents took around 25 minutes to fill the survey.
  • A lot of questions were only presented to respondents depending on their previous answers.

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