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Officially Laravel 5.5 Release is here:

Laravel 5.5 release took place yesterday with a lot of updates and improvements along with various new features. We are listing here some of the new Laravel 5.5 features which you should take a look on.

Introduction of Laravel Horizon:

Laravel Horizon is a dashboard tool to monitor and keep a track of you queues system. You can see all the jobs, their throughput, execution times and also track failed jobs.

To read more about Laravel Horizon click here.

Automatic Discovery of Package:

In the earlier versions of Laravel there were a number of steps required to install a package but starting Laravel 5.5 packages will be discovered automatically by Laravel and also facades and service providers will be detected and registered.

API Resource Classes:

API resource classes will help you transform your Eloquent models objects to their counter JSON representation. This will help you develop APIs easily as you will not need to write transformation for model to JSON.

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Console Commands Will now be Registered Automatically:

Using load method you can easily scan a directory, detect and register if any console commands are present there. This load method should be called in commands method of your Kernel.

Job Chaining with Queues:

With Job Chaining you can specify which jobs that are queued should be executed in what sequence. If any one job in the sequence will fail the execution will be stopped there and no job after than will be executed from the chain.

There are many other new features and updates done in this version like Time Based Job Attempts, Validation Rule Objects, Trusted Proxy Integration, On-Demand Notifications, etc. For more information on Laravel 5.5 release please visit the official Laravel website. ->