Track leads, Optimize your Sales, Close deals faster

Omniceps CRM is a cloud based solution that helps you track sales activities, predict customer behavior, automate your processes, brings your customer data at the central location, and keep sales processes streamlined.

With Omniceps CRM our clients get an average:

200% increase in lead conversion rate

35% revenue increase per sales person

25% decreased sales and marketing costs

Omniceps CRM dashboard

Automate processes and save time with Workflows

Automate processes & tasks so that your sales team can spend less time on data entry and manual working and more on selling.

Studies from the Aberdeen group show that companies using sales automation see:

53 % 23.1 %
Higher conversion rates.Higher annualized growth rate.


automate processes using workflow crm omniceps

Reach and Engage your Customers via Campaigns

Create, send, and track effective email campaigns that help you engage with your customers and build lasting relationships. What more:

1. You can schedule the campaigns for future.

2. Automate them using workflows.

3. Add personalized email content as well and attach files.

set up crm campaigns omniceps

Drive Sales with effective Lead Management via our Leads Module

Collect your Leads from various sources at the same place and convert them using efficient communication and nurturing. From lead generation to scoring to conversion, Omniceps CRM ensures proper follow-up to move your leads through the sales funnel.

Auto Assign leads to your business developers.

Push them with effective dashboard visualization.

Never worry about proper follow up using workflow based notifications.

effective leads management using omniceps crm

Manage your Opportunities more efficiently with Opportunity Management

Prioritize, track and monitor your deals in the pipeline; across various territories and sales structures. Measure the conversion of your deals at every stage and know where you need to improve.

manage your opportunities efficiently omniceps crm
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