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If you are a passionate blogger, you must be very desperate to find an appropriate platform for your content. Here we will discuss some top PHP based Content Management System (CMS) which are suitable for blogging.

Content Management System (CMS) Suitable for Blogging | PHP Based:

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1. WordPress:

When it comes to blogs, one of the best CMS that comes in bloggers mind is WordPress.

  • This is an open source CMS, which is easily available and can be installed within few clicks.
  • Its simplicity with simple admin panel makes you manage your content and publish it online with no stress.
  • When it comes to flexibility of WordPress, you can make any type of website be it a personal blogging website, Photo blog, Professional business website or even a network of websites.
  • WordPress is rich of plugins for every feature, from social networking to forums, social media widgets, spam protection, calendars, plugins are available for almost every feature.
  • SEO plays an important part for any writing, WordPress is already search engine optimized, with so many SEO plugins also available to handle the optimization at higher level.
  • For Developers:
    • It has latest script libraries like jQuery, pl-upload etc.
    • Developer can even create their own plugins and theme, WordPress provides repository even to host them.
    • WordPress under hood WordPress helps developers to build an applications, it provides all the features that an app needs.
  • It is supported by a vast community, there are forums available where you can question regarding your query related to WordPress and you will get great answers.

Thus, WordPress can be a true friend for your blogging journey.

Official WordPress Website. Click Here.

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2. Drupal:

Drupal is a free and open source CMS. It is a customizable platform used by many business and technology leaders to create real world enterprise.

  • When it comes to high traffic and big content sites, Drupal’s scalability comes in role. It can handle high traffic sites easily. Site like, which experience high load of traffic is uses Drupal.
  • Mobile Friendly: With Drupal you can create a responsive blogging site and web application. It ensures to provide a seamless content experience on every device.
  • You can create multilingual sites and manage many sites across your organization, geographies etc., on a single platform .
  • There are tools available with Drupal which you can use to create solutions for your business according to the requirement and with no limitations.
  • Easy content authoring is available with Drupal. With content creation, content structuring is also available which helps content writer to ease their tasks.
  • It is supported by a worldwide community and they help to keep your sites secure by keeping their eyes to identify and solve any vulnerability.

Thus, Drupal’s vast features and extendibility makes it a best platform for settling business and also for personal blogging websites. Official Drupal Website. Click Here.

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3. Joomla:

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Joomla is an open source CMS written in PHP, which helps to publish web content and create web application. Here we will focus on core features of Joomla:

  • Multilingual: With Joomla you can create multilingual site, it supports over 65 languages. This makes the market of Joomla wide and which makes your website to server larger audiences.
  • Content Management: Its features make content management very easy. With WYSIWYG editor content creation and editing become very easy. It provides various features with which adding any image or any module article is a one click task.
  • Front End Editing: Joomla provides front end editing, where if you want to make any changes to your content, there is no need to logging into admin panel, changes can be made directly from front end.
  • Extensions: You can customize Joomla with extensions available to extend website and broaden its functionality.
  • It has a supported community which helps to solve any of your problem and also helps in marketing your projects.

There are so many features for developers and designers also available with Joomla which makes it a full package for your project.

Official Joomla Website. Click Here.

4. PHP-Fusion:

PHP-Fusion is an open source content management platform, implemented in PHP and uses MYSQL database to store content of your websites. It has all basic features which every CMS generally contains with a simple admin panel to manage your site. It is very easy to be used by new blogging aspires.

  • Easy Customization: You can create custom functionality for your site which makes an easy upgrade to the system without making major core changes.
  • Fast and light weight: Standard installation of PHP-Fusion includes features that makes it a light weight CMS.
  • It allows you to make dynamic content and also ease of publishing it.
  • Localization makes it easy for you to have your site serving wide audience of over 35 languages.
  • It is highly customizable and easy to modify.
  • Its focus on security at every post and input with support of vast community makes it more popular.

Official PHP-Fusion Website. Click Here.

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5. Silver Stripe:

Silver stripe is a freely available CMS framework implemented in PHP and loved by developers and editors. Its main features are:

  • It is super flexible and extensible. You can customize it according to your requirement.
  • It is very easy to use, you can simply install it and you are ready to use and can publish your content in no while.
  • It’s secure and support system lets you have a relax sleep.
  • Its coding structure is very easy to understand and maintain.
  • Front-end template engine is very powerful.

Official Silver Stripe Website. Click Here.

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So these were some of our top picks PHP based Content Management System CMS platforms suitable for blogs, bloggers and blogging. Do let us know if we have missed any CMS system which you think should be included in this list.

  • and OnceBuilder?

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      Thank you for the reference. But we were trying to include the popular ones as per their ratings from users and community size. We will surely look into OnceBuilder as well as it seems to be a great CMS.